First sorry - for now zero money.

Help wanted! (Looking at the design I can hear you say - "Ya think?")
BTW Help can be just that - someone I can ask some dumb questions

  • • Designers - working in pretty naked Bootstrap for now
  • • PHP programmers - starting out very simple. At present everything is done in vanilla PHP (not Laravel or what have you) and, for the moment, no Composer, Gulp, Grunt, NodeJS nor anything else in basic clever list.
  • • jQuery - well what can you say
  • Hosting - currently on GoDaddy shared hosting. Pretty good but no Composer, expensive SSL certs etc. More looking to get the best out of GoDaddy rather than move somewhere else.

I only developed this site to try and get people to start wearing masks. There is a tiny possibility it could take off and make lots of money (although most money will go to international charities) but heh - what do I know!

For now please use : Click here to email
Phone: +44 7555 498955