Masks help stop you giving yourself the coronavirus..

The most common route for infection is hand to nose or mouth, or vice versa. At the very least wearing a mask stops you touching your face thereby breaking the infection route. (This is simplified info.)
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If you're "locked-in" with family or friends, going out is when you are most likely to pick up Covid-19. Here is a quick guide for super-safe-shopping.
*Modify this guidance to your sense of worry. If you have an older person in the house be a bit more careful. Just try to understand what is going on.


Wash your hands

Every safety procedure starts with washing your hands as it is impossible to be sure that the virus is not already in your house. Wash for 20 seconds with soap.

Put on a mask

If you touch an infected surface masks stop you infecting yourself as you can't touch your face. Make a free mask/learn more at Improvised Face Mask .com.

Put on gloves (optional)

Wearing gloves while out keep you hands clean. But gloves touching an infected surface mean infected gloves. Avoid touching your face! Wear a mask.

Put out containers (optional)

Packaging of some items you buy can be infected. (Most shop staff are putting out goods in the normal way without masks.) This is a more extreme measure.

Go shopping

Remember all surfaces, especially busy surfaces like door handles, can harbor Covid-19. Also a mask may not stop aerosol particles produced by coughs and sneezes.

Minimise risk while shopping

People can go a little crazy in stores and forget their usual caution. Keep a 6 ft (2 m) gap to other people and practice all your other Covid-19 safety procedures.

Return home

The advice is the same as going to the shop (avoid infected surfaces etc.) BUT after shopping is the time you are likely to let your guard down.

Notice door handles etc.

Maybe handles don't deserve their own section but in public, too many people (especially older people) hang on to travelator hand rails etc. Just be careful.

Unpack your shopping

If you are not using containers you can wipe down your purchases with a strong disinfectant (be sensible). Don't ruin your food for a small risk.

Clean surfaces within the house

After unpacking the shopping take off gloves/wash your hands and clean every surface you/the packaging/the shopping bag have come in contact with. (Handles!)

Put outer clothes in wash, discard mask

If someone coughed or sneezed near you or you touched an infected area and then touched your face, the virus could be on the outside of the mask.

Finally wash your face and hands

After completing the shopping procedures you want to, it's a final wash (the face could harbor the virus). Then it's time for a richly deserved cup of tea!

If you have religiously followed all the steps above there is little chance that you have brought the virus into your home - but no procedure is 100% safe.

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